Help! I added water to my jar and it won't turn on.

Help! I added water to my jar and it won't turn on.

Please be sure to use tap water only when filling the Sensory Play Jar. Do not use bottled/distilled etc. Ensure you're using 3 brand new high quality AAA batteries and that they are properly aligned.
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    • How Do I Turn Off My Sensory Play Jar?

      To turn off the light on the Sensory Play Jar store the jar upside down on its lid to turn off the water-activated technology and maximize battery life.
    • Can liquids other than water be used in the Sensory Play Jar?

      Please use tap water only in your Sensory Play Jar. The Sensory Play Jar requires the ions in tap water to activate the glo so tap water only, Pals.
    • What is the Sensory Play Jar?

      The Sensory Play Jar is a water-activated sensory jar that cycles through 9 different colors! Simply add tap water, 3 brand new AAA batteries, then tap and shake to change colors.
    • What accessories can I put in my Sensory Play Jar?

      You can fill your Sensory Play Jar with fun accessories like our Fun Filler Packs, pom poms, beads, glitter, or any other water-safe trinkets and accessories.
    • How long does the Sensory Play Jar light up?

      The Sensory Play Jar will glow until the batteries are depleted. To extend battery life, store the jar upside down on its lid, leaving about 1.5 inches of space at the top without water. This will deactivate the water-activated technology and ...