How do you change out the Fun Fillers?

How do you change out the Fun Fillers?

When you're ready to switch out your Fun Fillers, simply use a fine mesh strainer or coffee filter to strain the filler. 
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    • How to use Fun Fillers

      There's a lot packed into one box of Fun Fillers. A little bit goes a long way! Use a sprinkle of each packet and save the rest for another day of play or another activity such as playdough, slime, a sensory bin.
    • What other ways can you use Fun Fillers?

      Fun Fillers are the perfect addition to any sensory bin, play jar, slime, playdough, or arts and crafts project! The play possibilities are endless!
    • What accessories can I put in my Sensory Play Jar?

      You can fill your Sensory Play Jar with fun accessories like our Fun Filler Packs, pom poms, beads, glitter, or any other water-safe trinkets and accessories.
    • What is the Sensory Play Jar?

      The Sensory Play Jar is a water-activated sensory jar that cycles through 9 different colors! Simply add tap water, 3 brand new AAA batteries, then tap and shake to change colors.