What is included in the Pick-Up Pals set?

What is included in the Pick-Up Pals set?

Included are 3 Sensory Tools: Puffer Pal Expandable Strainer, "Clamp" Shell Tiny Tongs, and a 3-in-1 Scooper Squid.
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    • What are Glo Pals Light Up Cubes?

      Glo Pals Light Up Cubes are liquid-activated light up sensory toys. These toys each come with their own personality and come in different colors. There are four of each character in a pack. Pippa glows Green, Alex glows Yellow, Lumi glows Purple, ...
    • How Do The Glo Pals Light Up Cubes Come Packaged?

      There are four light up cubes (Pals) in each pack. The color of the pack denotes what colors the Pals are inside. For example, Lumi - the Purple pack, comes with four purple cubes inside. When placed in water, these cubes will light up purple. Check ...
    • What are the tools made of?

      Pick-Up Pals are made from medical-grade silicone.
    • Can the Glo Pals be used with the Sensory Play Jar?

      Yes! You can use Glo Pals Cubes in your Sensory Play Jar for an extra way to customize your jar. The jar lights up on it's own without the cubes so if you do add Cubes, remember to remove them after playtime, give them a good shake, and let them dry ...
    • Are the Glo Pal Characters Safe for My Child?

      Yes! The technology behind the Glo Pals has been extensively tested and sold all over the world. These products have been independently tested by laboratories in the United States to meet all applicable standards for children ages 3 and up. Because ...